Monday, 31 March 2014

March Wrap-Up!

The second book in the Divergent trilogy was almost as good as the first! There wasn't quite as much action, but it fit well with the tone of the book. There was a lot of character development and I felt we really got to know Tris. I gave it five out of five stars and very much enjoyed it. I really want to know if Veronica Roth is planning any more books beside the Divergent short story collection. I realised in Insurgent that my favourite character was Uriah, he was just so fun and attractive! I LOVE URIAH. Can't get over him not being in the film.

Compared to the other two book I was a bit disappointed with Allegiant, I felt there wasn't enough action, it was a bit confusing and some parts didn't seem to have much of a point. I did like it though and I did cry a tiny bit but not at the part you'd expect me to, I cried at the part most people had come to terms with already. I found myself really shipping Caleb and Peter, Christina and Uriah as well as Christina and Tobias. That's really strange for me because I almost never ship non canon!              

I was expecting this to be quite slow and boring but it wasn't! I was hooked the entire time and read it in about two days. It was a facinating world with some amazing, real, relatble characters. My personal favourite was Chritian. Oh my god I love Christian! I didn't see the huge fuss about Dimitri though, which was sad. I gave it four stars and if it's true what they say and that the series gets better than bloody hell I can't wait.

  Panic was the first of Lauren Oliver's books I ever read and I read it for the #DONTPANIC read-a-long it was so good and you can  find a proper review on the "book reviews" section of this blog!
I read Paper Aeroplanes for the second time this month and enjoyed it nearly as much. I liked how truthful it was as I find British YA often is. I'm going to a signing tomorrow night and I can't wait to meet Dawn O'Porter. She has the sequel to Paper Aeroplanes "Goose" coming out in a few days which is very exciting.

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