Monday, 3 March 2014

February Wrap-up!

In the month of February I managed to read a whopping eight books! For me that is completely insane as usually four books is an achievement. Here are the eight books I read in February:

I participated in the first five days of the Harry Potter read-a-
thon and this was one of the books I chose to read. I absolutely adored it as per usual and it put me in the mood to read even more Potter in March!
If you haven't read Harry Potter yet then give it a try! I was apprehensive before I first read it three years ago and now these books mean the world to me.

This is the other book I read during the Harry Potter read-a-thon, another re-read. It is one of the Hogwart's Library books. It's a nice little book of wizard fairy tales and a very quick, light read.

The Tulip Touch was a book I read for English. Most of my class thought it was great but I didn't see the big fuss about it. The ending was disappointing and it was never particularly

Such a good book! I found it very hard to believe it was his d├ębut novel as it was so well written. It was almost as good as TFIOS! You can see my review here

A nice little bonus book in the Ruby Redfort series. It was a really cool survival guide with loads of exiting tips and tricks for surviving some tricky predicaments
and even some everyday situations.

The second book in the Tomorrow Series, a little bit better than the first. A nice mix of romance, action and all that good stuff!

Amazing! Favourite book of the year (Harry Potter doesn't count because it's a re-read). Action packed, funny, romantic, everything you want in a YA book. Can't believe I waited quite so long to read it. See my review here.

To be perfectly honest I didn't see the big fuss about Fangirl, it was really nothing special. It was good but not that much happened and there wasn't any big moral to the story. Review coming soon!

Let me know if you would like to see more monthly wrap-ups in the future!
Love Always,

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