Saturday, 5 April 2014

Divergent|Film Review

Title: Divergent
Genre: Dystopia
My Star Rating:

So yesterday I went to see Divergent in the cinema. After the traumatic experience with City of Bones I was expecting the worst. I was however, pleasantly surprised. The pacing was great, they included a lot of important information and scenes. The only things that did disappoint me where the missing scenes that I had more of an emotional connection with, for example the muffin scene and the lack of Uriah also upset me very much. 
I don't know if it was because I'd seen the Divergent trailer before reading the book, but I thought Shailene was the perfect Tris and Theo was amazing as Four. I thought it was very unnecessary for them to change the faction colours. Why where the dauntless wearing red? The amity where wearing blue and green as well as red and yellow! I did get over this fairly quickly though as it is only really a minor detail.
So many of the characters were so different to how I imagined them yet somehow they were utterly perfect, especially Peter and Will. I liked that they added a few of the funny lines from the books but it was a shame that they didn't include Tris saying "Did I shoot him in the leg? No. He'll walk" which was the best line in the whole book although she did say something else nearly as funny in this scene. 
The soundtrack was beautiful, it fit perfectly with all the scenes, often a soundtrack will be kind of forced on a film but with Divergent it worked so well. The whole time I wasn't quite processing that I was watching one of my favourite books come to life in such and amazing way and I was totally overwhelmed by how well it was made. I loved all the little details they added like Tris's hair falling to the floor etc. I wouldn't know because I already knew the world but I felt like an outsider would be able to understand the world as at the start they explained the factions to us and gave us a look inside their compounds. It is so difficult to write a proper review when all you can do is ramble about how good it was so I'll leave it here. I really liked Divergent and I can't wait to see what they do with Insurgent!
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