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Mockingjay Part 1 I Film Review

Name: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1
Apadapted From: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
Genre: Dystopia
Director: Francis Lawrence
My Star Rating: 

I went to see this film on November the 21st for my friend's birthday. I do apologise for the length of this review as it was a while ago now and I remember only some of the details if you would like to see a (spoilery) review of the film on my YouTube channel click here.

I did not like the Mockingjay book so I went into the cinema expecting the worst but I was pleasantly surprised. First of all hats off to the set designers as district 13 looked perfect, exactly as I had imagined it. Secondly, when me and my friends came out of the cinema the first thing we all commented on was Coin's hair. Somehow, we'd all imagined it looking exactly the same and we imagined it looking exactly as it did in the film. Some of the shots were amazing my personal favourite being a zooming, bird's eye view of a huge crowd of people running down a staircase.

In terms of acting there was an all round great performance, Natalie Dormer was brilliant as Cressida and of course Woody Harrelson never fails to do Haymich justice. I did get a feel right throughout that they were doing a "Oh this guy hasn't had much screen time for a while let's have him give Katniss a spontaneous pep talk".

There was a scene in which Katniss sung the -now famous- hanging tree song (which my friends were bothering me with for days, at one point they sang it as a round). In scenes such as this they normally have a professional singer pre-recording the song and the actress mouthing it. However in this film it was undoubtably Jennifer Lawrence singing and I'm not sure why that please me so much but it did.

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