Saturday, 20 December 2014

Tinker Bell and The Legend of The Neverbeast I Film Review

Title: Tinker Bell and The Legend of the Neverbeast
Genre: Children's, Fantasy
Director: Steve Loter
My Star Rating: 

Although they are aimed at people much younger than myself I go to see the Tinker Bell films every time a new one comes out, as I have a personal attachment to them that began when I was younger. This time the film's protagonist was not the normal Tink but a much loved member of her entourage, Fawn!

Fawn is the animal fairy in Tinkerbell's varied friendship ground is known for her love of animals (no matter how dangerous they may seem) and for getting her friends into trouble because of it. It was nice to get a closer insight on one of the secondary characters as they all have different and interesting personalities.

The animation was simply gorgeous and there were points where I wanted them to pause the film so I could take a screen cap. All the little details of Pixie Hollow and of course the fairies themselves looked lovely. 

As always it was absolutely hilarious (even to the slightly older audience) and I caught myself laughing rather hard at Rosetta's outcry of "I was mid-exfoliation! Mid exfoliation!" and of course the rather dim but well meaning Silvermist brought on a few chuckles. I love the expansion of the world they bring as each new film is released and this time it was a fairy organisation called "the scouts", a group of determined fairies with minds set on keeping Pixie Hollow and some great character development for their leader, Nyx. 

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