Sunday, 2 November 2014

October Wrap-Up

This is a Teen Wolf story set around series one time. It is an additional story that is not in the TV show. I read this as a "there's a few day until Blood Of Olympus and I need something to read" kind of book. I only gave it two stars as it wasn't great but frankly I was expecting it to be terrible so I wasn't disappointed. One thing I did like is that we got information about the characters that you might miss whilst watching the show which was pretty cool.
I read this book because I knew the film was coming out soon and I had found tickets to an advanced screening. You can read my review of the film here. Sadly I made the mistake of not reaching the end of the book before I saw the film which meant I never actually finished it, this was because I had no desire to find out what happened next, as I already knew. My friend also told me how my favourite character dies in the next book and now I just don't see the point.
This was the fifth and final book in Rick Riordan's Heroes of Olympus series. My only complaint was the lack of Percy but besides that I think it was a great conclusion to the series and I am very happy with it. Rick Riordan has written such great characters who are funny and have really distinct personalties and because of this I got so attached to the series and finishing this book was very sad.
Pride and Joy was the first graphic novel I've ever read, i had been a bit unsure about them in the past as I thought with the way they were written it would be difficult to read but it's not! Reading a graphic novel feels like you're watching a TV show. The story was great and I really want to find out what happens next. I gave it four stars.

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