Friday, 3 January 2014

Adventures with the Wife in Space- Neil Perryman (a review)

 I received this book quite some time ago from a website called netgalley and ever since I have been slowly reading it alongside all the other books I have been reading.
Ever heard of the blog adventures with the wife in space? Neil wrote a book! I have to admit I wasn't one of the blog's many avid readers but when I saw this book it caught my attention because I am a whovian.
This book was an interesting experience for me because I am a fan of the Doctor Who episodes and never have I seen an episode of classic doctor who. This meant I was learning even more about Doctor Who! Before this book I didn't know there was a sixteen year gap between Paul Mcgann and Christopher Eccleston (which explains a lot).
The first part of the book is like a Doctor Who autobiography. It explained how he got into the show and how he collected all the figurines and the weetabix cards. It even tells us how he had met his wife, sue, and how he had tried to get Sue's daughter into Doctor Who. I liked this part of the book as this was wear I did all my Doctor Who learning.
The second part of the book was when they started watching all the episodes together. Thanks to Sue's ratings I know which episodes to watch and which not to! In conclusion I thought the book was very enjoyable and I gave it a mice 4/5 stars.
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