Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Clockwork Princess Review!

*SPOILERS* Please scroll quickly past if you do not want to be spoiled for Clockwork Princess. So the prologue begins at the Yorkshire institute and Adele is about to have her first runes placed on her by the silent brothers but when they place their steles upon her forearm she tips her head back and screams. I found this scene to be quite shocking and I was desperate to learn more and I kept thinking about it until my questions were answered later in the book. I thought a particularly humorous moment was when Gabriel barged into the institute and was saying “Father is a worm” then Will replies with “I'm glad you have finally come to our view of things but this is a rather odd way of announcing it” (this quote is not taken strait from the book but from my memory of the book) I thought Cecily was really bad ass when she jumped on top of the demon and stabbed it with her seraph blade and I thought it gave us a really good idea of her character right from the start. I thought it was nice to see the letters sent between the council and the consul so you knew something that all of the main characters didn't. When the silent brothers brought Jessamine back from the silent city and there was the big battle with the automatons I loved the character Bridget and I thought it was a shame that we didn't get to see a lot of her. Did anyone else notice that both Ceily and Gabriel let out breaths they didn't know they were holding? You may be surprised to know that I did not cry when Jem died (GASP) because all though the cord snapped and Will started bleeding from his parabati rune I somehow knew he must be still alive somehow. When Gabriel and Cecily first kissed in the stables I thought it was really sweet how Celicly says “five” and then repeats what what Gabriel said to her in the training room. I was so relieved when Will finally found each other and I thought the scene when Magnus found them was hilarious. Speaking of which how cool was it that Henry and Magnus built the first portals? I thought it was quite cool how in City of Glass when he was making a portal for the New York shadowhunters to get to Idris he didn't think to mention that he helped invent it. OOH and just before Magnus found Will and Tessa she saw that her angel had made a star shaped scar on him he was the start of the Herondale mark!! When we found out that Tessa's angel Iruthriel! Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that the angel that Jace and Clay killed in City of Glass? In the battle in Cardir Idris when Brother Zacharia's hood falls back and it's Jem I literally said “I knew it!” out loud. It really upset me when Jem left the institute without even saying goodbye because I couldn't help thinking that it could have been better for Will if he had died as maybe it would have been easier to remember him as he was rather than to have a Jem that wasn't Jem any more. When break his ties with Will and Tessa and he left Will his yin fen box is that the box that Amatis gave Jace and Elais' sword the dagger inside it? Since Clockwork Prince I had been befuddled to how Church had ended up in New York and of course it was Magnus! But what are your Church theories? A warlock cat perhaps? Now let's take a moment to think about that epilogue. I thought it was a bit like then end of the last merlin episode as it's set in the present day. I cried so much when she talked about Will's death I don't know why but somehow I thought he would be immortal. I was quite surprised though when he wasn't a silent brother anyomore. I cried even more when she said he wasn't immortal any more I mean seriously will her relationships ever last? I would aslso like to second Christine form PolandBananas20's thoughts where she said that Cassandra Clare was really clever to leave a cliff hanger in the last book of one series for the last book in her other series. I would love to hear all your thoughts on Clockwork Princess so shoot me an email or leave a comment! Love Always, Freya

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