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The 100 by Kass Morgan|Review

Title: The 100
Genre: Science Fiction and Post Apocalyptic
Series: The Hundred
My Star Rating:

In the future, humans live in city-like spaceships orbiting far above Earth's toxic atmosphere. No one knows when, or even if, the long-abandoned planet will be habitable again. But faced with dwindling resources and a growing populace, government leaders know they must reclaim their homeland... before it's too late.

Now, one hundred juvenile delinquents are being sent on a high-stakes mission to recolonize Earth. After a brutal crash landing, the teens arrive on a savagely beautiful planet they've only seen from space. Confronting the dangers of this rugged new world, they struggle to form a tentative community. But they're haunted by their past and uncertain about the future. To survive, they must learn to trust - and even love - again.

Wow that was a long blurb for such a short book. So I found out about a CW show called The 100 when I was scrolling through my tumblr, I looked it up and the premise sounded amazing. I later found out that it was a book and I was originally going to read it first but then found I was pretty skint so I waited a little while. A few days later and I was completely hooked on the TV show.  Once I had finsihed City of Heavenly Fire and I was waiting for the next episode of the show I decided to pick up the book and frankly, I was dissapointed.

I felt there wasn't enough description, it was all a bit rushed, too much focus on the romance and rather a lot of insta-love. The TV show had none of these issues. 
I did like the four perspectives there was Clarke, Bellamy, Wells and Glass. I feel that in a lot of books you can start to dislike the protagonist (for example Tris from Divergent) because you spend so much time with them but because there were four different perspectives it was always new and not boring.

There were a lot of flashbacks in this book which a lot of people had a problem with but I quite liked them as they really helped explain the situation and why the charecters acted around one another etc. It also gave us some insight into the world and it's society, the society's laws and traditions. 

The ending was a nice cliffhanger but because I already have an explanation of that from the TV show I wasn't too frustrated by it.

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