Monday, 29 July 2013

Books I'm Taking On Holiday!

City of Glass- Cassandra Clare. The third book in the mortal instruments series. Hopefully I will have read a good amount of this before I fly over to Germany tomorrow. I read City of Ashes (book two) a few weeks ago and I had to have a break from this series for a read-a-thon.
Paper Aeroplanes- Dawn O'Porter. My friend bought this a whilst ago and absolutely loved it. She was so obsessed that she made my friend, Imogen, read it. Imogen finsihed it in one day and they both love it so much and they want me to join the excitement of this book. I'm not completely sure what it's about but from what I've heard it's about these two girls in year eleven and it's a story of friendship.
A Brighter Fear- Kerry Drewery
I was in Waterstones with my brother and he was looking at the buy one get one half price table and spotted this. He asked me if it looked any good so I read the blurb and decided it was my type of book, so I bought it. It's about a girl who is growing up in bad circumstances. The blurb also said something about a lost necklace that might still be found (yeah I'm great at describing books)

These are all the books I'm planning to read but knowing me my TBR pile will change completely. I will review Paper Aeroplanes and A Brighter Fear and if you like City of Glass.  


  1. Is the mortal instruments good? I was thinking of r ending them, but the infernal devices series intrigued me more.

  2. The Mortal Instruments are great! I haven't read the Infernal Devices but apparently there are some references to the Infernal Devises in TMI which might excite you.